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Full Version: Vatican news brief for potential assassins in the CAR
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This has to be one of the oddest and perhaps most ill advised Vatican press briefing. So they want potential assassins to get ready?

"The Pope is proceeding with the Apostolic visit to CAR because of his great desire to encourage peace and  reconciliation in that country. While in CAR, Pope Francis will not wear a bulletproof vest or use an armoured Pope-mobile. Fr. Lombardi was speaking Thursday in the Vatican at a press briefing about the Holy Father’s visit to Africa."
I think that Francis has a martyr complex in a sense that he knows that the only way his generation and policies will live on if he was to die at an assassin hand.  Then the next several generation of churchmen will have to be viewed through the rosy lens of Francis as oppose to this pontificate being viewed as a deviation from normal.  I like to think that if MLK, JFK, and RFK were not assassinated, things would be very different in the US.  JFK would be the overrated, womanizer President that he was, MLK would be some pastor who did something important in the 60s but either became a loon like a Jesse Jackson or faded into obscurity like many actual Civil Rights leaders.