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Full Version: Why I broke down in tears at "The Future of the Church Summit"
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I am sure that many of you remember that Pope Benedict once said  that perhaps the Church would become smaller.  So what could he have meant by that?  Seems to me that right now its Hell on Earth  just trying to find a  place where we can faithfully  practice as Catholics.  And as we move forward it doesn't take very much imagination to see that if you remain faithful to the Traditions handed down to us  for 2000 years we WILL be persecuted, by both the secularists and eventually and in some cases even now by so called Catholics both from  in the pews and from the leadership itself in particular.  We can see that happening now.  That will only lead to one place as i see it, that is Church without buildings, perhaps returning to a situation similar to the first few centuries of the faith as the secular world implodes on itself finally ending in its  final destruction by our Lord Jesus. 

As you know i recently posted a video clip from the Matrix that  in a sense describes  our situation that is abounding in confusion these days as we look for answers.  The same day i posted that at Fisheaters i bumped into another video produced by a  non Catholic Christian who describes what he sees going on in the Christian world.  He also sees the need for a return to a smaller Church.  Sort of a Benedict  statement.  As an interesting aside, at least to me he also mentions the scene i posted  from the Matrix Movie. Coincidence ? who knows, but keep in mind this saying..".John 10:16 I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen."