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Full Version: Russian Orthodoxy vs Catholicism
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what percentage of Russian orthodox doctrine is identical with Catholic Doctrine?
Not exactly what you're looking for, but it'll give you an idea until one of the more Eastern guys stop by...
More than Orthodox polemicists would have you believe, less than the Catholic ecumenists would have you believe.

In reality, I think the vast majority of doctrines are quite similar between Orthodoxy and Catholicism, adjusting for differences in theological emphases in the respective traditions. The Filioque is obviously a major disagreement, and to a certain extent the created/uncreated grace debate and understandings of Original Sin are problematic. Purgatory is perhaps not as big an issue as some make it out to be, but there are real differences between the Catholic and Orthodox views. I think the major, possibly irreconcilable, differences are (1) the nature of the primacy of the Bishop of Rome (honor vs. supremacy) and (2) the Eastern divine essence/divine energies distinction vs. the Western divine simplicity.

These differences and others being noted, our ecumenical efforts are much more fruitfully directed at the Orthodox, both Eastern and Oriental, than with Protestant groups, who genuinely have very little overlap with us. This goes all the more for non-Christians.