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Full Version: We have all heard this before.....
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but we should revisit it from time to time. 

We all are fed up with the state of our Church these days.  Actually fed up is poor way of describing the reality of what we  all have witnessed over the course of many years that lately has been coming to a head.  But lest we forget about the reality of who and what we are it seems good to revisit the reality of  how many of us will be saved.  It is a difficult subject  but one i believe is important since it is soo easy to be filled up with ourselves and our own perceived catholicity.  Prior to the modernity of the last 50 years the understanding of salvation has been blurred.  Consider this as a refresher course on what the Church has always taught.  It is a hard "saying" ....but we have no reason to despair.

One parting thought...As proof of how far the Church  has fallen, try to imagine what kind of reaction you would hear  from those that attend a strictly N.O. Church, let alone the more "traditionally"  minded.

The idea of few being saved is not comforting by any means, but it is a good reminder if we are tempted to doubt the credibility of the faith because few seem to take it seriously.

I like what St. Leonard says at the end of his sermon.  Even if many are saved and few are damned, if you don't obey the commandments, you'll be one of the few damned.  If few are saved and many damned, if you obey the commandments, you'll be one of the few saved.  It's as simple as that.