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Full Version: Our Lord's appearance
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This was asked way back in 2006 (!) and never got an answer. 


Putting the Shroud of Turin aside for themoment, I was wondering if anyone here could help me.
  I want some information about the hairstyles of Jews in the First  Century. I know that there are many statues of Jewish people with short  hair and completely clean shaven. I've seen these. However, I believe  these are secular Jews. Observant Jews would definitely wear a beard.
  The length of the hair is another matter.Protestants insit that Christ  would not have had long hair as is commonly depicted. The result is  this short-hair jolly Jesus we see in so many pictures, expecially in  the NO church. This is because St. Paul says long hair on a man is a  disgrace.
  I think this is at least half wrong because a Jew should have some sort  of peyoth, the curly sidelocks. These definitely existed in the First  Century because I once saw a bust of a Jew (in fact, the author of the  book in which it appeared said it could be a bust of Josephues) and it  had small peyoth, although the fellow was clean shaven. He had  yarmulke-looking hat as well.
  I'm interested in the length of hair? Does anyone know any good sources  on this. Would it be different for a Gallilean Jew than a Judean Jew?  I'm not interested in discussion over Paul's passage because I don't  think it is interpreted correctly anyway. I want historical sources for  length of hair and appearance of First Century Jews and sometimes there  are people on this forum who really know their stuff and can dig up  information more swiftly than I.
  Pax vobiscum
I'm interested in this question as well
My two cents: however Our Lord looked, I'm hoping it's more this

[Image: jesus-christ-king-0205-150x150.jpg]

and less this

[Image: Jesusking.jpg]
I have a book by Henri Daniel Rops about life in first century Palestine. Let me check and see if there's anything in it about hairstyles or beards. This book might have some info on the subject. It's basically a fascinating foray into the life of folks at the time of Christ in the region He lived in. I have it sitting at a friends house right now but I'm currently at a motel so it's not in front of me. I'll go a bit later and pick it up and get back to you on this.
Hair for 2nd temple Jews could very depending on the feast cycles and religous vows.

I think Jesus looks like this today.

JarJarBinks think Jesus look like JimC.

[Image: jim-caveziel-shunned-because-passion_zpsa4lhmoqu.jpg]
I think some of the Saints described how Our Lord looked like. It seems from the mystics He has brownish/auburn sort of hair (maybe depends on the light, because there are minor differences in description) and a beard, and His hair I think is around the shoulder. (My opinion). I think one (approved) mystic said Our Lady described how Jesus looked on earth.. It was a nice description. Apparently His beard was the length of the width of a hand. Maybe that was to St Bridget of Sweden? Anyway that's how I tend to picture Him. :) I don't think its necessary that He has black hair, because didn't King David had reddish hair? It can vary. I rend to go with what the Saints and mystics said rather than the secular historians.