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Full Version: Read the Life of Leo DuPont
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I just finished, in one day, a book called The Life of Leo Dupont. This man was truly amazing, especially in his devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus. It also renewed in me a love for the Holy Face as written by Sister Marie of St. Pierre and even reading a bit of Blessed Maria Pierina Di Micheli, who spread devotion to the Medal of the Holy Face. I think we should make known the prayers of reparation revealed to Sister Marie, since Our Lord dictated them to her not only as reparation, but also as weapons against the Communists and their malice. I would suggest reading more about them and then making them known, for our world needs these prayers today. Even the Fatima Center has started printing out a booklet outlining Our Lord's call for reparation as revealed to Sister Marie of St. Pierre. The Golden Arrow prayer was given to heal the wounds of blasphemy inflicted on Christ, and was shown to pour forth abundant  torrents of graces for the conversion of sinners.

I would like to also thank our very own dearly beloved Vox Clamantis for making a page on the FE website on the Holy Face devotion. It is time for us fishies to give it a revisit.
Yes, that's the book I read that is found in the link. As for your site having a page for the novena, may the Holy Face of Jesus bless you for that!