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Full Version: These Men Singing “Ave Maria” In a Bar Will Give You Chills
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From ChurchPop:

Quote:This just might make your day.

Below is an incredible video of a group of men singing “Ave Maria” in multi-part harmony in a bar. And it’s amazingly beautiful!

Of course, they’re not just random men singing this on the fly, they are two professional men’s singing groups: Cantus and Chanticleer.

But still, it’s not every day you hear a group of men sing “Ave Maria” this well, and in a bar!

Thank you for posting, I really need to see something like that.

Tears, man.. Incredibly beautiful!
Wow that was beautiful. Thanks. Hail Mary!
Truly beautiful!
Catholic flash mob.  :grin:

One of the most beautiful things I've heard recently.  Thank you.  I needed that today.