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Full Version: Can houses be possessed?
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I am at my wit's end. We have lived in this house for just over 6 years, In that time, we have:

- had the water table infiltrate into the basement - twice (now hopefully fixed to the tune of $15K + the cost of gutting my basement, still haven't rebuilt it)
- had a pipe burst
- had the water main stem leak, forcing us to have the valve and meter replaced (the repair of which included a gyser in my front yard when the city tried to shut the water off for us)
- a leaking shower that poured water into the basement
- after gutting said shower/tub and replacing new (using contractor), the bathtub DRAIN came unglued, and poured water into the basement
- and today, our not-very-old hot water tank blew, dumping water all over the basement...again!

Is there such thing as a water demon, and how do I get him OUT OF MY HOUSE????
While I believe that a house can be haunted/possessed, I wouldn't necessarily jump to that. It sounds like all of your problems are related to plumbing. When every problem is similar I wonder if there might be a natural, material cause. Perhaps something is seriously wrong with the plumbing.
I would assume that too, except it's never the same thing twice. Water table - not plumbing, which has been by far the largest source of our headaches. Burst pipe - fluke, probably a fault in the manufacture that took a long time to show up. Leaking riser on the shower - not sure why it leaked either as nothing seemed to be wrong with it when we gutted the bathroom. Drain - brand new (we contracted out to make sure it was done properly) but glued incorrectly. Water main - no good reason apparently as our house is only about 35 years old, and the street shut off was seized which is not uncommon in this neck of the woods.

We've had other water issues too. The skylight on the gazebo/porch addition leaks. If the kids dump water out of the bathtub accidently, it comes down the toilet stack into the basement. Stuff like that.

I've also long suspected this house is haunted. I hear weird things even when no one's home (noises like children and/or walking), the taps will start running when I'm standing right beside them and not touching them. My one daughter used to always talk about Mr. Jenkins and things that he said and did, and now my son keeps telling me about a wolf that comes to him usually at night.

Things that creep me out.
Of course houses can be possessed, didn't you see "Amittyville Horror?"  It was on TV, so it's gotta be true. :LOL:

All kidding aside, I do believe houses can be haunted/possess, but in this case I'd check the plumbing first.  Without going into too much detail, my thoughts:

(02-19-2016, 01:30 PM)PrairieMom Wrote: [ -> ]- had the water table infiltrate into the basement - twice (now hopefully fixed to the tune of $15K + the cost of gutting my basement, still haven't rebuilt it)

How old is the house?  The exterior foundation may not have been properly waterproofed, if at all.  Concrete's really porous and will allow moisture through over time.  Even hairline cracks can allow water to pour through the wall during heavy rain or snow melt.  This can sometimes be fixed by having a pro inject a urethane into the crack.

(02-19-2016, 01:30 PM)PrairieMom Wrote: [ -> ]- had a pipe burst

You live in Canada, so I'd assume pipes burst all the time from the cold, even on the warmest July days. :LOL:

Everything else sounds like shoddy plumbing work.  For example, the drain coming unglued after replacement sounds like it wasn't glued in the first place, and the contractor won't admit it.  My advice after plumbing repairs; wait a few days before you cover said repairs with drywall to fully ensure nothing's leaking.

Hope this is of some help, and keep us posted.  I'd be interested to know the solution(s).
(02-19-2016, 01:59 PM)PrairieMom Wrote: [ -> ]We've had other water issues too. The skylight on the gazebo/porch addition leaks. If the kids dump water out of the bathtub accidently, it comes down the toilet stack into the basement. Stuff like that.

Leaking skylights are common, especially if that's the original skylight and flashing.  The water sounds like the floor's not leveled and the fixtures aren't sealed well.

All that being said, it never hurts to contact a priest and have the house blessed.  That's the first thing we did when we bought ours last year.
Yup, sedevacantist bishop Robert McKenna conducted an exorcism of a house.
I had my house blessed shortly after moving in, and have never had anything that seemed like a "haunted house" experience (as distinct from experiences of a more spiritual nature that happened to me, but I don't think we're connected to the house.

Yes, I guess I missed the water table comment...the rest do sound like plumbing issues. If you are also having other bizarre issues I would have it blessed and explain to the priest what is going on.  The house I grew up in seems to have some...issues. My parents never had it blessed as they are not Catholic. I have had some strange experiences in that house, including a crucifix repeatedly falling. I have not had any negative experiences there since I sprinkled holy water and said the St. Michael prayer several times.
It's well known that houses can be possessed, it's not a matter of speculation. Fr. Ripperger had some stuff on that topic.

Anyway from the stuff iv heard and read I'm not sure that your house is possessed... I'm also no expert so don't listen to me lol. How old is your house? Although we have the luxury of modern conventions they don't last very long.

Talk to a priest, have him bless your house or preform an excorism on it (yes there are excorisms done on houses and objects)

Be skeptical but dont rule anything out. I'm sure it's nothing serious.

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Houses can't be possessed like people can be but they can be infested.

Pretty much all of those things have happened in my house, plus absurd electric bills, broken dryer, washer, and dishwasher. All of these combined with a three year old who claimed there was an invisible "witch" in his room that gave him nightmares. Some spooky stuff.

My family is protestant so there's little chance I could get a priest over here but as for you, it certainly wouldn't hurt. Even if there aren't any demons for sure in your house, I would suggest you get a priest to exorcise and bless your house. While you are at it, make sure to destroy any possibly occult objects or symbols, these can be easy doorways to give demons access to a home especially "cursed" objects.

Talk to your pastor about what is going on, and ask him to bless your house.  Perhaps you could also lay some blessed St. Benedict medals around your house (ideally blessed by a Benedictine priest).  You can get small ones to tape behind wall pictures and other discreet places so they won't get in the way or get taken.  Another thing you can do is sprinkle holy water around your house every so often.  Blessed salt works well for this too.  I also suggest you look into family enthronement to the Sacred Heart.
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