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Full Version: Analyzing the Cathecism. And failing at it - miserably.
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WARNING: "Disturbing" images and plain stupidity ahead.

The guy's an ex-Catholic. He was born and raised a Catholic for about 20 years (maybe in his twenties, maybe approaching early 30s). At least he tries to use the Catechism as a guide (how many ex-Catholics know what this is? I don't think many, so good for him.) to debunk whatever comes to his mind.

Apparently St. Isodore being the patron saint of the internet and computer programming is silly because he didn't use the internet, and therefore makes Catholicism questionable because it cherry picks things aka moving the goal posts to justify their actions (which, in other accounts has happened).

But yea, I sometimes find these expressions of bitterness and irritation rather interesting because it keeps me on my toes on whether or not their complaints/issues are actually legit, or if they're just being a clown without knowing it.
It seems to me that two of the greatest antidotes to this sort of thing are prayer and humility. Serious regular prayer will bring us into a relationship with God and give us access to graces that mere reading apologetics tracts for or against Catholicism simply won't.  If we are humble we can step back and realize that we don't have all the answers and that the Faith is something that might take an eternity to fully grasp. We can remain within the Church even if we do not understand things or even if we find certain things repugnant at first glance. We don't have to walk away.

It's crazy how ex Catholics mostly spend time trying to assuage their own conscience for leaving. All their hot air is attempting to make them feel better.

Catholicism is a rich and deep religion, it's not something one ought to just reject so flippantly.