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Full Version: Christus Victor
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Is the Christus Victor view accepted by Catholics? From my understanding it was held more widely by the Church fathers and appears to be a more ancient view. It also seems to be more widely accepted by the Orthodox Church, hence my question.
No theologian, but I'm really into soteriology and studied it for a while. I'll add what I know.
It was accepted by the fathers definitely. Later Anselm of Centerbury in a work called 'Cur Deus Homo' or why God became man set forth a view used by most Catholics today, probably because scholastically, it was logical, whereas I've never heard the victor view actually explained well.  The orthodox / byzantine catholic view today has a name but I forget.

Is the victor theory allowed? It's not not allowed, I think, anyway.
Both of them make sense.  By dying, Christ conquered death and sin. He also satisfied Divine Justice, which required death due to sin. I don't see how these theories must necessarily be in competition with each other.