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Full Version: HELP! I need help finding an appropriate song for Easter... !
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Long story short, I'm cantor for one of the Easter Masses on Sunday, but I need to pick material for offertory. I'm hoping to do something traditional-ish, but have no idea of what's out there. Suggestions?? I already have traditionalish hymns for everything else, and I was thinking Filli et Filiae but I think that's only for the Second Sunday. I have flexibility on this one because I can pick something outside of the Catholic Book of Worship because the congregation typically doesn't sing for this part.
Well, this is the traditional offertory for Easter Day Mass: (chant notation)

O Filii Et Filiae (which you mentioned) is one that people may know the tune to at the very least (at least I've heard an English version of it before).

Here's another, Regina Caeli Jubila
Oh! Thank-you!

I was trying to find the information on my own, but was hitting a brick wall.