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Full Version: "I think it's not for tommorrow." It's for tommorrow.
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Schism stands in need of immediate reconcilation.  Call Menzginen and tell Bishop Fellay that reconcilation and ending his and the Society's schism, IS FOR TODAY!

edited by San Giuse to remove phone number.
Come on Jan, really?

You're a day late for April Fools.

After several threads where you refuse to actually discuss the SSPX when your arguments are proven false, and you clearly refuse to accept what the Pope Himself has said about the true state of the SSPX (They are not in schism), now you're suggesting an harassment campaign?

The more things change, the more they stay the same .  :eyeroll:
The Society has not been charged with being in schism by any legitimate authority. While their status may be somewhat irregular, they are just as Catholic as you or I.  This thread is closed.