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Full Version: Fasting
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I fully understand keeping a fast (etc) secret - but what to do when someone asks directly, "What did you have for lunch?" If that was only a bread roll - or nothing at all - then telling them would effectively break [the purpose of] the fast, but saying anything else would be a lie. Being evasive causes some people just to press further, presumably thinking they're about to discover you had a total "blow-out" three-course lunch … or genuine concern that "you're not eating properly".

What does everyone else do in this circumstance?
Generally, I don't share lots of details about my meals, so it's rarely a problem.

Still, it's not information that anyone but perhaps your doctor, spiritual director, spouse or parents (if you're young) have any right to know, so it's not as if you have to give every detail or directly answer.

When someone is not owed the whole truth (as a result of their position of authority over you), you may never lie, but you do not have to tell the truth. That may seem a fine distinction, but it's important, otherwise every gossiper and nosy person could ask any question and get any information they wanted, even secret or private information.

So, it's perfectly fine to say "I just had something light" or to say "I wasn't really hungry". Even if you actually feel hunger pangs, your desire to fast makes you "not hungry" to violate your plan, so it's a legitimate response. You could say, "I ate a big meal yesterday, so I though I was eat lighter today".

In the case of a public fast recognized by the Church, I don't see the problem of being more open if asked.

I also don't see why you have to keep it totally secret. Current health trends have begun to recognize the value of fasting for the body, so you could always talk about the natural benefits, too. Our Lord simply does not say to hid your fasting, but not to glory in it, or make of it a show.

On a second point, remember, fasting is about quantity, not quality. There's no problem having a salad, or a smaller amount of normal food that is balanced. In such a case, you could tell exactly what you had, and it would not appear as unbalanced as "a slice of bread".

You can also do what the religious communities and Western Europe has traditionally done: make Lunch your main meal, and have a small breakfast and small evening meal, or forgo those which are not so conspicuous to others.

Finally, remember, fasting is not about just materially performing an action, but the spirit behind it. Fasting is but one kind of penance, and doing your daily duty well is the best kind of penance, because it is the one imposed by God. Well accepted it's not only exercising the virtue of penance, but also of charity, and justice. Fasting chosen by you engages fewer virtues, and can be less meritorious, especially if it is a mere material act or undermines your duty of state.