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Full Version: Possibly Sacrilegious Parish Video
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I just came across this video on the website of a Catholic parish.

The video on the homepage contains questionable scenes:  a deacon is shown dancing in his dalmatic, three "ushers" are shown pretending to play guitar on their collection baskets with the tabernacle in plain view behind them, vested altar servers dance while holding the processional crucifix and candles, and several other questionable scenes that are filmed in front of the tabernacle.  (In the one scene with the Knight of Columbus, it appears that the tabernacle may be empty, however, it don't know if this is the case for the other scenes).  Anyway, give it a watch.

It seems that the video has the full consent of the pastor of the parish.  Do you think this is something that the Bishop should be made aware of?  Or am I over reacting and this video is all in good fun?

Here is the link.  I read the forums rules and didn't see any prohibition from posting links to particular parish websites, but if I am mistaken, please delete this post:
That didn't make Roman Catholicism better.  It just made Pharrell Williams worse.

I honestly don't know exactly what to think.  Although the scenes you mentioned, specifically with the tabernacle in the background, were inappropriate, I don't think they were intended to be irreverent.  At the risk of sounding flippant, the video seemed like a good deal of the NO parishioners; not well catechized, unintended lack of reverence, not taught proper conduct and the full reason for it, lack of focus on the divine.  Still, I'd say shoot an email to the bishop explaining what you saw and why it's inappropriate.
In Portuguese we have an expression that describes when you feel ashamed for other people's silly doings. That's how I feel watching this video.

Its no use ringing the bishop. You'd have to explain him why the NO is such a disaster and I doubt he'd like that.
luckily there was only 2 scenes in the knave.

at least this wasnt filmed during communion with a conga line.
For some reason in my head I hear Cardinal Arinze saying "Definitely not!"