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Full Version: As a Catholic, how close can I get to studying the occult?
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As a Catholic, how close can I get to studying the occult? 

The reason I ask is that there has been some unexplained phenomena at my job.  I work with a handful of Protestants and since they found out I'm Catholic, they consider me some sort of "expert" on the situation.

I know that practicing occult matters and consulting psychics are forbidden.  But this situation has a lot of activity and I'm wondering if studying it is safe?

                                              There's a world a difference between dabbling in and studying about.
I would not be dabbling or practicing for sure. 

I dont' want to go into all the details, but the unexplained activity at my job is definitely paranormal in nature.  It's scary, but at the same time, I just dont' understand why it is happening.
If you truly feel it's supernatural, I'd go consult a priest. Not trying to disappoint, but that as much advice as I feel comfortable giving when it comes to this.

Funny how protties consider the Catholic Church to be false/corrupt, but when it comes to the supernatural...
You should contact your Bishop and carefully document anything hinky that happens. Leave this to the professionals, IMHO.
Yeah, I'm the only Catholic in the office.  Portions of all this was actually caught on the security cameras.  The higher ups reviewed the tapes this morning in a meeting.  Suddenly I'm called away from my department to the bigger office and asked if I know anything about ghosts and demons. 

For what it's worth, my boss is a Protestant who doesn't believe in ghosts or even the Devil.
(05-27-2016, 09:29 PM)Pacman Wrote: [ -> ]You should contact your Bishop and carefully document anything hinky that happens. Leave this to the professionals, IMHO.

Sound advice.  If something is preternatural in the environment, You may put your own life in danger.

You can study the occult all you want, but you can't engage in occult practices (divination, necromancy, spell-casting, etc.)

As to "consulting psychics": some people have the gifts of prophecy, reading souls, etc. "Paranormal" abilities exist (and some abilities that seem paranormal might be natural), and it isn't against Catholic teaching to consult with those who have those gifts. But unless the gifted one is a faithful Catholic, it'd be very unwise to given that demons can give people abilities, give them knowledge they couldn't come by normally/naturally, etc.

If something apparently preternatural is going on in your office, it could be angelic (i.e., from the good angels), demonic, ghostly, or something else going on. Documenting what's happening, gathering as much evidence as possible as to what's going on, getting statements from people, etc., and taking all that to a good priest sounds like a good idea to me.

To Charles:  "supernatural" isn't the right word; "preternatural" is. "Supernatual" refers to God alone; the "preternatural" refers to the realm of angels and demons. Some psychic phenomena might be purely natural, and some might be preternatural. "Paranormal" would be a good catch-all phrase for out-of-the-ordinary things ranging from the demonic to the psychic, etc.

I thought as Catholics, we don't believe in ghosts? Anything labeled as a ghost is a demon disguising themselves to fool the living?

The advice to consult a priest is wise.
Ghost can also be souls in Purgatory allowed to be revealed by God for some purpose, usually some sort of edification or a plea for prayers.
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