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Full Version: The rafael12 grab-bag: in which San Guise cries "mea culpa"
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Call the Catholic Churches in Hispañola to confirm, and ask around, because many Novus Ordo Priests, are false.
Sorry, that's a prophecy released to a Saint.  That must be respected.
Have you ever heard of Marie Julie Jahenny?  Or St. Therese Newman?
The name of the Archangel, is to be respected, please, prayerfully.
It is so important to try and save souls, all the time, and win them over for God.  That's all this world should be about.  Saving souls.

Buy pamphlets and spread them everywhere to everyone, so they don't end in hell, for all eternity.
This is Catholic Action.
The Society knows what they're doing, and no one else knows what they're doing.

Something else I hope peoplep do is to talk about religion with Protestants. Download the cheat sheet "book" from FishEaters here, print out and hand out the "Challenge to all Christians," and get the conversations started... 

I think it's a good idea, too, to have a KJV Bible on you, in case they don't have one with them, so you can smash Protestantism using their own version of Sacred Scripture (see the afore-linked to challenge).
(05-30-2016, 08:17 PM)rafael12 Wrote: [ -> ]Call the Catholic Churches in Hispañola to confirm, and ask around, because many Novus Ordo Priests, are false.

There are several problems with your request.

One: the vast majority of us on Fisheaters have never heard of this "miracle" until now.

The major outlets of Catholic media -- Traditional, Novus Ordo and all else -- haven't posted any reports that we know of about this "miracle". Certainly the big Trad sites like Catholic Family News, The Remnant, Fatima Crusader, OnePeterFive and akaCatholic would have written something about this already.

Three: We on Fisheaters wouldn't know who to call on the isle of Hispaniola to confirm or deny that this "miracle" occurred.

Four: Most of us don't speak either Creole French or Spanish, so we can't communicate with anyone there regarding this "miracle".

Five: We don't have the finances or time to investigate this "miracle" to see if it is true or no.

Six: We laypeople on Fisheaters -- scattered throughout the world -- have no authority granted by the Church in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to investigate this "miracle".

Seven: We wouldn't know what questions to ask regarding this "miracle" to prove it true or not.

So, in conclusion, we can't do what you ask. We have to doubt this so-called "miracle" even happened in the first place. Sorry to disappoint you, but we just do. God speed.
(05-28-2016, 09:24 AM)Jan313 Wrote: [ -> ]They have the Pope.  They have the theology.  And they have the Priests.

and the Motu Priorio.

They are unstoppable.

Jan313, you didn't answer my question, so I have to ask it again. What in Heaven's name are you talking about?  ???
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