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Full Version: Palmarian Pope quits, says it was a sham, marries divorcee
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I just learned that the Pope of the Palmarian Church has called it quits and is producing a minor media storm in Spain by giving tell-all interviews, where he says it was all a sham from the beginning, and their founding pope was a prominent member of Sevilla's gay scene.

This is a very surprising and bizarre turn of events in this already very bizarre group. Her are two sources: (scroll down to the "update" sections)

And here is the former pope giving an interview on TV:
It was so obviously gay from the beginning. Did you see their faaabulous vestments?? Those baby blue fairies were gayer than a vacation in Venice with Diaghilev and the Russian ballet.
I've never heard of this group til now, but I'll give them 3 snaps: