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Full Version: N.T Priests
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How does one the defend the DR-B translation of Presbyters as "priests"
instead of Elders that most Protestant Bible's use and thereby claim the greek word means Elder, not priest.
Technically speaking, the Protestants are correct: the Greek word for "priest" (hiereus) only appears in the NT to describe a) the priests at the Jerusalem temple or b) Jesus Christ as our new High Priest.  Many scholars think that the New Testament writers purposefully avoided using a word to describe their "presbyters" that would be associated with the Jerusalem priesthood, because they wanted to avoid any confusion.
Protestants err, however, by failing to recognize that "elders" in the Old Testament performed priestly functions; even your own English dictionary (go look it up!) will list the word "priest" as the etymological descendant of the Greek word presbyteros:
Quote:Main Entry: priest
Pronunciation: 'prEst
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English preist, from Old English prEost, ultimately from Late Latin presbyter -- more at PRESBYTER
: one authorized to perform the sacred rites of a religion especially as a mediatory agent between humans and God. (source)
Quote:Main Entry: pres·by·ter
Pronunciation: 'prez-b&-t&r, 'pres-
Function: noun
Etymology: Late Latin, elder, priest, from Greek presbyteros, comparative of presbys old man, elder; akin to Greek pro before and Greek bainein to go -- more at FOR, COME
1 : a member of the governing body of an early Christian church
2 : a member of the order of priests in churches having episcopal hierarchies that include bishops, priests, and deacons (source)
If you can spare $2.75 for a good, long, 3-hour debate between Fr. Pacwa and James White, you will find this most interesting:
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