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Full Version: Excellent Interview with Fr. Malachi Martin
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This is the best interview I have heard with a personal hero of mine, Fr. Malachi Martin, now, very sadly, deceased. Many try to demonize this great man's words and the person himself as well, but he is a Saint in my mind. He points out many reasons for the errors and questionable changes in Mother Church we've seen, leading up to these days, most especially. Traditions, for instance, have been changed, incrementally, since Vatican II. This is discussed at around 47:00.

Very interesting and vital interview for us in these times to hear.

For those interested, I've got a number of interviews with Fr. Martin, on the topic of Exorcism, on a page in the "The Preternatural World" sub-section of the FE website, about halfway down this page:

                                                                                            If you think the Exorcist was scary, you should read Martin's Windswept House.
Why did he leave the priesthood instead of staying and working to improve things?
(06-24-2016, 04:16 PM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: [ -> ]Why did he leave the priesthood instead of staying and working to improve things?

I can't remember his specific reasons for leaving, but sometimes that really *is* the best option. 
(06-24-2016, 04:16 PM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: [ -> ]Why did he leave the priesthood instead of staying and working to improve things?

Actually, he never 'left' the priesthood. He was released from his Jesuit vows. He celebrated the Mass daily and that is mentioned in the interview.

Being released in such a way, actually was how he got the ear of a lot of 'intellectuals' around NYC and Washington, DC. I'd say his books did 'improve' things since they, through the anonymity of the novel, were windows into the skulduggery that he was witness to, but could not be critical of under his vow of obedience. He had a very narrow line to walk and he danced on it, in my opinion. He read the Third Secret of Fatima and was present when Pope John XXIII read it and about fainted. He was bound to not reveal the 'secret' in any detail, but had alluded to its contents on many occasions. This interview is most insightful and should be listened to carefully. He explains many of the things that have happened, since Vatican II which have been demonically inspired through prelates of our Church, high ranking ones, who were and still are practicing Satanists. The smoke of Satan is thick, by now, indeed!

Being a Traditional Catholic, who saw the strange changes in the Church as a High Schooler, in a Catholic High School, in a very Traditional Archdiocese, I really appreciate his writings. It puts some sense and structure to what I see as the chaos of the post Vatican II Church and the abuses of things done to Tradition and Holy Days, et al, in the name of the mostly Satanic; "In the spirit of Vatican II..." mantra.

His books are scary indeed, for they are so accurate, as he says, 80% true and 20% fictional...mostly as to the persons attributed. One can clearly see the results of these nefarious Church leaders in our Church today
I can't say I disagree with his perspective.

I wonder though, how he was able to perform so many exorcisms without the approval of the bishop of New York?
I loved the interview, but I think we should take him with a grain of salt. I couldn't hear it very well but it sounded like, at the end of the first interview, he said the new rites make the sacraments invalid. That's pretty out there.

In other interviews he says some strange stuff about UFOs, as if entertaining the thought they are real things and there are intelligent aliens out there--he seems to flat out deny that UFO happenings could be in some cases demonic.

Also, a while back someone posted a pretty Tailherdien sort of quote attributed to him--something like saying the devil knew we would evolve and even become more evolved and whatnot.

On the other hand, there's that reading of the Fatima secret business, which paints his unflinching opposition to the new rites with a different tone--especially given that thing about a bad Mass (which I strongly doubt this is actually part of the secret. It just makes no sense). Scary indeed.