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Full Version: Escape Room--What Would YOU Do?
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Okay, so there is this new kind of game which you can see here:

It looks like fun and they use different settings.  This one with Conan Obrien is set in the 1940's.

So I was saving these links to show my 14 yo son because he would think it's pretty neat.

My question is:  What would you do or suggest to my son if you got into a game like this and a ouija board and tarrot cards are pulled out as part of the game like in the first video?

I wouldn't worry about it unless one were expected to use the Ouija board to contact departed spirits or the Tarot cards to divine the future. The Tarot can be seen in a Christian light, and Ouija boardas as just a relic. Divination and necromancy are absolutely forbidden (full stop!),  but it borders on the superstitious to have one's mind automatically go from, say, "Tarot" to "eeeeevil!"