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Full Version: The request of a retired pope – simply call me 'Father Benedict'
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Okay, this is an old news article, but I'm posting it because I can't be the only one who never got this memo.

"Vatican City, Dec 9, 2014 / 01:08 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Rather than being called by his papal name “Benedict XVI,” the retired pontiff revealed that since his retirement he has wanted to return to his original priestly title and be called simply “Father Benedict.” "
Today is the first I time I heard of this, even though the article has been around for a year and a half. I check several Catholic news sources several times a day, and the sources I check also do a good job at checking their sources.  This seems very odd.  This is very strange.
Sorry Fr, you'll always be papa to me.

(06-29-2016, 09:08 PM)Whitey Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry Fr, you'll always be papa to me.
I wish he still was. sad
I guess its a sensible request. I'm not sure what I would call him if I were to meet him in person, considering that I can't really call him Pope anymore and "Pope Emeritus Benedict xvi" is a bit much. Anyway, Benedict will always be "my" Pope even if he isn't "the" Pope.
Why Father Benedict and not Father Ratzinger?  Huh?
(06-30-2016, 09:39 AM)PrairieMom Wrote: [ -> ]Why Father Benedict and not Father Ratzinger?  Huh?

I wondered that too.  Here's what I came up with.

He has said that he wishes to live a contemplative life. So I think that he sees his role as being somewhat monastic -- a special sort of monasticism particular to the retired pope.  Those in the religious life take a new name when they enter the religious state. Since P.E. Benedict's name in religion is Benedict, he wants to keep that name, but also be referred to simply as "father."