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Full Version: It sucks not being able to rely on anyone
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Before I go to an SSPX priest I know what he is going to say. I know he will say not to go to the Novus Ordo. But I also know of very holy Priests in the Novus Ordo. What about them? What about my older sister who is a Nun with the CFRs? She is holy. She is in the Novus Ordo. My sister is the one holding the guitar in this photo. The SSPX is wrong that you cannot be holy inside the Novus Ordo.

I constantly get bad advice from priests in confession. I try to explain why their "solutions" are not reasonable but they never listen. I told a priest today why his solution wouldn't work but he didn't listen. I obeyed him and did what he said to do but I was right. It didn't work. I knew it wouldn't work. I feel so incredibly alone. I have no one I can look up to. I have no one I can get real spiritual advice from. Everyone is so sure of themselves but they are all fallible men. It is so clear that they are all totally open to error. I don't think I've ever met a priest who didn't at least sometimes give bad advice. I even had a mystical experience with one priest in the Novus Ordo where he "read my soul" but then later even he gave me bad advice. He told me to go to a protestant minister for further healing prayer. Why is God making mystics out of men who give such terrible advice? How can such a holy man recommend me go to a protestant minister? Where can I go to get reliable answers? Who can I count on?

I feel incredibly alone in this world because even the priests are sometimes idiots. I have no one to look up to and rely on. It's like I have to be my own pope. I can't handle life alone but it's like that's the only option I'm given.
You're right. It does suck. I'm where you're at right now, and it's a lonely experience.

For reasons I won't go into, a few weeks ago I was at the point where I was ready to say goodbye to the Church...and not because of the Church Herself, but because of what many people say I should believe or do or what have you. I've realized I'm not a trad and I could never be a good one...and it's okay. God didn't direct me to Catholicism to be a trad, He directed me to be in communion with the universal Church.

I hear you on the "being your own Pope" thing, but remember this-- there is much wisdom to be found in the Church. I've been reading the Church Fathers, Saints, previous Popes, etc. to get a sense of how issues were handled and how to properly form a strong way to discern error. People are fallible and you are going to get bad advice. It doesn't matter if they have the word "Catholic" attached to them. God didn't say people were going to be without error-- or else we'd be without sin, too.

At some point you're going to have to do your own reading, studying, reflecting and use your conscience to judge what is appropriate. No, I'm not saying people get to re-interpret what's already there or they get to make up their own rules. I'm saying you have to learn to strengthen your own conscience, become more knowledgeable, and learn to rely on spiritual discernment before relying on faulty men.

A while ago, I met a young woman who told me she had a spiritual advisor. I was a little envious because I wish I had a spiritual advisor, and then I decided envy wasn't the answer and resolved to have a well-formed conscience. At some point you have to ask the Holy Spirit for intervention and allow God to sort out the rest.

If you're looking for plain old advice, there's the wisdom of the crowds approach. Ask here at FE. We're all Catholics and can offer our opinions.

As to priests, I throw my hat into the ring with FSSP/ICK/diocesan types.

But as to being able to "rely" on someone: trust in Jesus. Know His Gospels. Ask Him to change your life and your heart and to guide you. He will never fail you. Ever.

Have you considered that God is trying to teach you humility and obedience? Go to the same confessor every time and follow his advice. If he's wrong, hell answer to God for the advice he gave. You will grow in virtue by humbly following his advice.

And of course there are "holy" people in the Novus Ordo. There are people who appear "holy" who are Anglicans or atheists even. The appearance of holiness is meaningless. And there are always outliers -- people on whatever walk of life who have received extraordinary graces. We are to go with the sure thing established by Christ. So do what the saints did and believe what they believed.
I believe there are holy Catholics, priests and religious in the Novus Ordo too.

As for priests making mistakes, that's just their human nature! It shows how much we all need God :) try to be patient , pray for the priests, dont get frustrated if the advice doesn't end up working. Do you have a regular director?

I don't know what the SSPX is like, I go to only the FSSP. The view on Novus Ordo is a bit different among people at my parish - in that if that's all you have, you need to fulfill your obligation there. I have a director and try to trust him with advice. He's given a lot of good advice. I think God is glad when we do this, despite priests being human too. :) after all, in monasteries they make vows to obey fallible human beings.

Maybe the FSSP would be a better fit for you?
My philosophy is go to TLM if you can, otherwise, just do the whole NO thing and keep traditional in your personal practices and beliefs. There are many traditionalists who don't have access to a TLM. Some drive hours away to go to one, others just suck it up and go to the NO. There are good NO parishes and priests. The NO Mass may be inferior in form to TLM, but it's still the Mass and still fulfills our obligations. I wish I could never step foot into an NO Mass again, but sometimes it's unavoidable. I'd rather go to an NO parish than not go to Mass at all.

I've never gone to an SSPX Mass, nor do I plan to. I'm sympathetic to their cause, appreciate what they've done for the traditionalist movement, and hope they get everything ironed out, but until they're fully back in the fold I'll stay away... especially since there are other sanctioned ways to get TLM these days.

In terms of a confessor, I myself have never had a steady one, although I know it's something I should do. In any sense, if you know the faith well enough, you'll figure out who's good and who's poor. Keeping that in mind, if you find a confessor who isn't helping you grow spiritually, then find someone else whether they're an NO priest or not. Sometimes you may find more consolation in a younger priest as well.
I have found refuge over the years either in the traditional Benedictine Office or some version of the Slavic/ Byzantine version. Reading lives of saints and praying the Jesus Prayer have also helped a lot.  In today's ecclesial climate there are ways to adapt to the seeming lack of clear teaching and guidance. Some like me literally cling to life on the hinterlands and wilds on the farthest edge of ecclesial life but it is enough. Embrace the adventure and pilgrimage of living in this time and place.
"It's like I have to be my own pope."

This is a dangerous line of thinking. It leads to all kinds of problems.

Remember that there are many, many Catholics who are struggling, and in that way, you are not alone. Many of us have been let down by bad and/or lax clergy. Many of us are disappointed by what the Pope is saying these days. Many of us are trying to do our very best to grow in holiness in these difficult times. Find the devotions that work well for you, go to Mass, and just let God sort it out. As St. Pio said, "Pray, hope, and don't worry."
(07-14-2016, 12:33 AM)brogan Wrote: [ -> ]The SSPX is wrong that you cannot be holy inside the Novus Ordo.

Where have you ever seen or heard that gobbledygook?

The Society may take issue with the Novus Ordo Mass, but it would be idiotic to claim that those who may attend the Novus Ordo cannot be holy.

That would be more or less contrary to the very positions of the Society vis-à-vis Rome and the local dioceses (even if rare) where they have been invited to offer priestly retreats and even service churches.

The Society would take the position that the Novus Ordo is objectively deficient and presents a liturgy in which elements expressing the true Catholic doctrine of the Mass and real presence have been intentionally and systematically removed. They also would take the position that the theological formation of most Novus Ordo priests is highly questionable and getting more so as time goes on, so it becomes difficult to trust the orthodoxy even of sincere and well-intentioned Novus Ordo priests. As a result, the Novus Ordo presents an environment which can be a harm to one's Faith, and if one knows this they cannot put themselves in a situation where they will endanger their Faith.

Notice, that says nothing about those who do not understand this. It does not accuse anyone who does attend the Novus Ordo of sin. It is an objective judgement on the bad theological formation in seminaries today, and the deficiencies of the new rite, coupled with the warning to those who understand this that they cannot endanger their Faith without risk of sin.

It's a logical, clear and balanced position.

To say that there are no holy people in the Novus Ordo is ridiculous, and I doubt you would find any SSPX priest who would say that in those words. Methinks you probably mistook what was said or misheard. If you did hear such a statement, you should ask the priest directly what he meant, and if he did say that everyone in the Novus Ordo was in sin, you should call his superior and complain. I am sure the superior would want to know if one of their priests was telling people that.
"I never went to the SSPX or talked to their priests, but I know exactly what they'll say"  :w2go:

I was once angry that I didn't know any saint, so I know how it is. Also, nobody likes bad leaders. That's undeniable. It was also veryvannoying how many priests simply seem to not want to help you.
Thank Gid I now know some good priests. But what I did before was I abandoned this desire to know a daint and tried to be one for others (yes, you can laugh) and I followed the advices in spiritual writings. And there are plenty you can read. At the end of the day the saints are also with us and they also are our teachers.

As for being a trad and so on : I'm sorry, but that just means being a Catholic before all the modern innovations.
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