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Full Version: Disposal of Small Particles of a Contaminated Consecrated Host
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Is this from an Eastern Rite church, or is it Roman?  The better question towards answering yours, is how it came to be in the possession of the laic to begin with without a priest immediately taking it?  Can you elaborate on this?  (Such a situation, that a laic has it and doesn't know what to do with it, should not be possible if laws are followed correctly.)
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Gosh, what a story!  The reason for my first question was why the altar bread was leavened.  It's highly illicit to use leavened bread in a Roman Church, and further, if anything beyond leaven were added to the water and wheat flour, it would be invalid.  But barring knowledge of invalid substance, we must presume them to be validly consecrated.

I think the "best" thing in such a situation (as if anything about that situation were proper), without the cleric, would have been for the laic to have consumed them himself to prevent desecration.  But since he for whatever reason declined to receive, that obviously wasn't an option.  What I would probably do is to put them in a bowl of water, then after letting it soak for a long while (hours, days), pour it down the sacrarium, then rinse the bowl again and pour that water down the sacrarium.  At church.  I would never have taken them away from the church!  Without having a parish to access, I'm not sure what to suggest to this person other than to convey them to a cleric.  That's certainly a better option than leaving them folded in a programme in someone's house.  Your friend needs to have more confidence in the average parish priest, I think.
I'm actually impressed that this person swept up the particles and kept them instead of just brushing them onto the ground. At least they have some concept of what it actually is. There is hope!
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(08-02-2016, 11:07 AM)Ptochos Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, I was touched by that too. When I say "bad Catholic" I do not mean "bad person" in any way. They are reverent in their own way - "fear of God" is probably the best way to describe their spirituality. I pray a lot for them that they will receive the Sacraments before they die. They have a fondness for the Blessed Mother, which always gives me hope.

I love the idea of "Bad Catholic". I think it is a unique concept within christendom, as Protestant have a very black-and-white concept about belonging/being a Christian. There is no half-way for them, it seems.

Back to your original query, is it maybe possible for them to simply bury the particles? Or like Steven says, to consume them (maybe not them, but you?). The love and respect shown to the host by this person counts for something, surely. I think disposing of it as we would any other sacred or blessed object (such as palm leaves) would probably be acceptable.
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"Bury them" -- No, no, no!  Absolutely not!  You mustn't do that.  They must be first dissolved, lest they're subject to anything profane.  After they're dissolved (thus not retaining the accidents of bread, and therefore the sacrament being broken), the water can be poured out into a hole respectfully.