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Full Version: Do not watch this
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CaptCrunch73 Wrote:Anybody else feel uneasy about the latest Pope Video? Sports? No mentioned of God, the saints, anything....

[Do Not Watch This

Do not watch this

Are you worried about the state of the catholic family, immoral education and the future of your children? Are you alarmed by the new anti-christian laws of your country, of Europe, of the world? Are you sad with the situation of the priestly, religious vocations, the clergy in general? Are you afflicted by the attacks on the churches, priests, and on all that is catholic? Are you disturbed by the growing religious hatred against the christians in the entire world? If these questions mean something to you, do not watch this…

Let’s await a word from those who accuse Pius XII for having shut his eyes before the Nazi atrocities…
Apparently respect for indigenous peoples only applies when those people aren't white.
(08-03-2016, 12:50 PM)Paul Wrote: [ -> ]Apparently respect for indigenous peoples only applies when those people aren't white.

Absolutely. Europeans don't have cultures, see. That's "common knowledge." "Culture" is something only non-Westerners have, and those cultures are sooooooo colorful and vibrant and fun! Western people only have a beautiful and peaceful religion centered on Christ, libraries, universities, beautiful cathedrals with gorgeous stained glass, Western medicine, Catholic feast days like Christmas and Easter, Italian food, French food, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, folk music, ballet, the waltz, skyscrapers, cities with complicated and effective infrastructure that cuts down on disease, artists that paint stuff like this:

[Image: visitation-byMasterMS-1506.jpg]

Hardly counts as "culture" now, does it? Doesn't deserve being cherished, protected, and handed down to our children and grandchildren. In fact, it all has to go! We must invite ISIS and "the Third World" in and water down our cultures to make them feel comfortable 'cause anything less would be "racist."
If you really want to send these "indigenous rights" or "decolonizers" for a loop, remind them that Europe has a diversity of indigenous groups as well.  The Gorals of Poland, the Komi in Russia or the Sami in Scandinavia are only just 3 examples..  Oh, but they're white and don't conform to the general idea of indigenous.  Funny though that many of these groups continue to fight for their own indigenous representation.
Ya and in the USA we have what was once called 'The Melting Pot' of cultural diversity, where it melded into a stew of Americanism. Someone put out that fire and the stew is separating out to its components and now, to the point, that the 'Stew' has lost its flavor.