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Full Version: Pope Francis and Gender Ideology
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The Holy See Press Office has published the transcript of the meeting between Pope Francis and the bishops of Poland that took place during the Pope’s recent apostolic journey there.

During the conversation, which took place on July 27, Pope Francis strongly criticized the teaching of transgender ideology to children.

“In Europe, America, Latin America, Africa and some Asian countries we are seeing some real ideological colonizations,” he said. “And one of these, I’m going to say it outright, is gender.”

“Today, children-- children!-- are told at school that they can choose their sex,” he continued. “Why are they taught this? Because the books are supplied by the people and institutions that give you the money. These are the ideological colonizations backed also by countries that wield a great deal of influence. And this is terrible.”

Pope Francis added:

Speaking with Benedict XVI, who is well and lucid, he told me: “Holiness, this is the age of sin against the Creator!: He is intelligent! God created man and woman; God made the world like this, like this, like this, and we are doing the exact opposite.

How refreshing -- and novel -- to read a post about Pope Francis that doesn't contain something I totally disagree with, that doesn't conflict with Church teaching, that isn't confusing or worshipful of the environment or pushing globalism or is outright silly (e.g., the biggest problems in the world today are unemployed young, and lonely old people).

(Hmmm, wonder how cold it is in Hell right now...)
A solid statement by the Pope.