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I have thin, wavy hair. I say thin because my mother always says I have thick hair, like hers, but apparently in hair, thick means that if you grab the hair, it makes a thick bundle. I have a lot of hair, but it's thin. Anyway, it's wavy.

So I want longer hair, since I like longer hair, but my head needs a haircut.  So usually it's considered manly to go to a barber. Usually I've gone to generic haircutter salons or hairstylists. So I went to this barber a while ago and I told him this. He then proceeded to literally shave off the entire back of my head. I looked stupid and I swore to never go to a barber again. I always had a hunch that barbers were so old school that they would give a crew cut to anyone. I literally told the barber, I don't want a crew cut or to look like I'm in the service. Guess what he did.

Any advice about men's long hair?
There was a long period when I had long hair. I was a professional musician and looked the part. I rarely went for even a trim. When I did, I frequently my best friend and his wife, who was a pro that cut the hair of my entire family. I have short hair these days, and it's fine, like yours. I go to a good barber shop here in town. When I first went there, I brought a number of pictures to illustrate what I termed a vintage haircut, more 1940s than anything else. That would be my advice. Bring pictures of how you want your hair to look. It sounds like you found the wrong one, I'm afraid. A professional, proper barber wouldn't do what sounds like was done here. I certainly would never go to that shop again, and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. There are some good barbers out there, and apparently, some not-so-good ones, too. Sorry you found the latter.