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Full Version: Court Rules Bishop Sheen’s Body Goes to Peoria
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From the National Catholic Register:

"The cause for the beatification of Archbishop Sheen, held up since 2014, appears ready to move forward. "
Good news, indeed.  Just unfortunate this had to be resolved by, let alone taken to, the courts.
Church Militant is reporting that the NY archdiocese plans to appeal so the tug of war may not be over yet.

NEW YORK ( - Church Militant has confirmed that the New York archdiocese intends to appeal this week's court decision ruling that Ven. Abp. Fulton J. Sheen's body can be moved to Peoria, Illinois.

Steve Cohn, attorney for Joan Sheen Cunningham, who initially filed the court petition to have her uncle's remains moved, confirmed with Church Militant that he was "informed by the attorney for the archdiocese of New York that they will appeal and apply for a stay of this court's order."

Why is the New York archdiocese fighting this so hard?