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Full Version: iOS Traditional Latin Mass Finder - version 2.1 released
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More news on the Traditional Latin Mass Finder app!  We have now released an update to the iOS version of the Traditional Latin Mass Finder -

This is a smaller update.  It is a conversion to Swift 3.0 (a language used to program iOS), some small bug fixes, and some other tweaks.

There are plans to introduce new features in the coming year.  One is a social feature, one introducing the app onto new tech, and one to enrich the content of the Mass Details page.  We'll share more information going forward.

This is the 2nd announcement in a couple of weeks.  Last week we released the first Android version of the Traditional Latin Mass Finder  -

[Image: iPhone47-List-Small.jpg]. [Image: iPhone47-MassInfo-Small.jpg]

Both versions of the app are 100% free :)