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I hope this is the appropriate sub-forum to post this in...

I am wondering if my fellow Fish Eaters can recommend some good evangelization strategies. 

We live in a very harsh age and the need for Jesus Christ and His Holy Church is greater than ever.  I am specifically interested in ways to reach lapsed Catholics and "nones".  I know that most people don't usually associate Traditional Catholicism and evangelization together, but I think that we as faithful Catholic brothers and sisters of Christ have a duty to our Lord to share the Gospel, and bring the ignorant into the Light.

Any suggestions or strategies?  What (if anything) works for you?  I'm willing to do MY part.

+Pax Christi+
The best evangelization strategy is holiness of life. If you are living the holiness that God is calling you to live then that is the best strategy that will enable you to be effective as an evangelizist.
I agree with Poche that personal holiness is a great evangelization method. Sacramentals and holy books are also great for those who are open to them.

ie, "This is how I pray," while holding up a Rosary/chaplet/chotki; "Would you like one?"

or, "I just finished reading a really interesting book! It was about *insert topic here*. I'd be happy to lend it to you!"
(01-05-2017, 06:09 PM)rfournier103 Wrote: [ -> ]I am specifically interested in ways to reach lapsed Catholics and "nones". 

I am particularly grateful for this line, which seems so important, and at the same time, I wish I had a better response ...

For I am none too great with this one but it seems in this internet age there are few excuses.

With Facebook and forums and all the like, we have _unprecedented opportunities_ to reach the lapsed and the nones. But instead what often seems to happen is that we end up "preaching to the choir" in like minded communities. I plead guilty here, myself.

That said, I do make some effort in secular and New Age online groups to simply make my faith visible.

Or to make another non-liberal view visible, simply visible.

Not massive argumentation, but hoping to create the impression that there really are - it is shocking to many - intelligent, well meaning, traditional  Catholic folk.

It is shocking I say because in these liberal milieus - either plain or New Age, which is always liberal - it can come as a jolting surprise just to realise somebody who is non-liberal and traditional is actually decent and intelligent.

So I think this is an important first step. Get involved in an online communities where traditional Catholics would not normally be seen ... and BE SEEN.
This may seem unconventional, but quite frankly, it had a dramatic affect on what lead me back to the Church after being lackadaisical for decades.  While having discussions about the Catholic Church, someone advised that I read Ann Barnhardt's blog:  (This same person is the one who pointed me to Fish Eaters).  Ann does not mince words, and quite honestly, states things in a manner I only wish my priests would have done when I was growing up (or at least would do today).  There are a lot of entries, some more important than others, but all worth the time. 
Why not join the Legion of Mary?
From a soul in Purgatory;

God does not ask so much for strength. He would rather dwell more in our hearts. In order to obtain graces for yourself or for the community, you must renounce yourself from morning to night, seek self in nothing, let everything be hidden from the eyes of creatures. Let God alone know all your little daily sacrifices — Him alone; do you understand?

God does not ask us for techniques. He asks us for sacrifices and holiness of life. One act done with a pure intention will do much more than any clever technique. 

When dealing with a Protestant, give them this page and dare them to take the challenge:  This free E-book might help you, too, when dealing with Protestants:

Have these URLs in a text file on your desktop so you can find info you need or send people to them so they can read them for themselves:
Use the internet. See:

Handing out or loaning out copies of Roger Buck's "The Gentle Traditionalist" would be a brilliant way to reach Millennial types who like to read:  I SO recommend this, I can't tell you!

Use art. Make videos, audio, write, start a blog, paint, do street theater, write a play and produce it, etc.

When dealing with a secular-minded type, realize that faith is, ultimately, a gift from God that one either accepts or not. Faith and reason never conflict, one can relate a number of arguments for the existence of God, etc., but when it comes to accepting all the things mentioned in the Creed, Divine Revelation is what's involved, and you're not going to argue your way into getting someone to accept it. So approach it like that, with the idea that your goal isn't to convince them of the divinity of Christ, but it's to get them to ask God to reveal the Truth to them. Present having faith as a gift they haven't opened because they haven't asked for it or what have you, and then tell them how to get the gift of faith by asking even the "If-You-Are-There-God" for it. IOW, the goal is to get them to pray, to talk to God.

Know what you're talking about and have defenses against objections. If you don't have an answer, don't bluster and act like you do. Tell them you'll find out, do research, and then get it to them.

Never, ever, ever treat the faith as a mere philosophy! Get rid of your ego when evangelizing and know that you are not out to "score points," to "be right," or to "win an argument"! Your goal is to answer questions and objections (to defend the Faith), and to get people to want to seek Truth. If they are after the Truth, God will lead them to it. You are there to guide and give information and to pray for them.

Pick your battles. Don't waste your time on the totally closed-minded. Defend the faith, but plant your seeds where the ground is fertile.

Read this page and truly "get" it:

Be holy. Love God and love others and let your life evangelize for you.
First off, thank you Vox, for the resources you've listed.  This website is an amazing asset!

Trying one's best to live in personal holiness is indeed a great method for evangelizing.  I've also found that keeping religious items around (I keep some icons on my desk at work) is a great way to start up a conversation about the Faith.
Thank you all for your answers and input.

A special "thank you" to Vox for those resources. 

I agree that being an example and open about my Catholic faith is likely the best and most effective strategy.  Those that have an interest in God will ask; those not ready (I always hold out hope for the conversion of ALL) will not. 

I pray every Sunday at Mass for the conversion of the faithless, and also for forgiveness for everyone who misses Mass that day.  It's not much, but if the Lord turns even ONE heart towards Christ - it's all worth it. 

God bless you all.