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Full Version: Martin Luther Commemorative Stamp to be issued by Vatican this year
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I know this has been covered in other threads but the irony is too much to pass up, from Boston Catholic Journal.

Martin Luther Commemorative Stamp to be issued by Vatican this year

According to Lifesite News Martin Luther will be “celebrated” under Francis’ direction by the Vatican’s issuing a special “commemorative stamp” depicting the heresiarch and the 500th “anniversary” of the Protestant Revolt that shattered Christian unity in Europe. Given this extraordinary development the following stamp may be in the process under the papacy of Francis as well:

[Image: nero-stamp-15pct.jpg]

Perhaps under Francis, similar stamps will soon be issued commemorating the persecution of the Catholic Church by Diocletian, Commodus, Domitian, Trajan and Hadrian as well. We will keep you ... “posted”.
Considering how some of the clergy are applying Amoris Laetitia, a stamp of Henry VIII wouldn't be all that surprising.  :crazy:

I'm surprised that anyone is surprised to be honest.  This sort of thing has been part for the course within the Roman Catholic Church for over 60 years now.  It's the new normal.  Seriously,nothing is surprising anymore. I look with nostalgia and from a distance at a vision of Latin Christendom that quite frankly lives on only in dreams and dusty old tomes.
Orthodox Church does not look so bad anymore.  :titanic: