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Full Version: “Looking round about on Them with Anger”
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CaptCrunch73 Wrote:More of that Bible stuff... From Boston Catholic Journal. This site always seems to have great stuff...

“Looking round about on Them with Anger”

And they watched Him whether He would heal on the Sabbath days; that they might accuse Him. And He said to the man who had the withered hand:
Stand up in the midst. And He saith to them: Is it lawful to do good on the Sabbath days, or to do evil? To save life, or to destroy? But they held their
peace. And looking round about on them with anger”  (Saint Mark 3.2-4)

“What is this?” you ask indignantly. “Jesus?  Angry?”

“Surely this is another incorrect instance that really ‘does not accord with the logic of the Gospel’ and cannot, therefore be true! Who uttered this blasphemy? ”

The answer, of course, is Saint Mark. “But”, I reply, “I have never heard the Bible, Sacred Scripture, understood as a treatise on logic!”

Is there a “Logic of the Gospel”?

Is there a “logic of the Gospel”, we ask? One that supersedes, and so validates or invalidates statements in (the words of) the Gospel? In order to really get at what is written in the Gospel and uttered by Christ, must  I invoke Hypothetical Syllogisms, simple Modus Ponens, or De Morgan’s theorem in determining their logical consistency and their place in a Truth Table? I have difficulty with the following: how then shall I explain to Peter that De Morgans Theoremand therefore (Q.E.D): Christ could not possibly have meant what He seems to have very clearly, simply, and
unambiguously stated?

I must respectfully disagree with Francis, Bishop of Rome, that the Four Gospels are logical treatises bound to laws inherent in propositional logic rather than the Laws of God enunciated by His Son and the Prophets in Sacred Scripture.

Indeed, one of the vexing issues that, in broad circles, “do not accord with the logic of the Gospel” is in today’s reading: Jesus became angry! It does not “fit” the progressive (and fictitious) notion that Jesus — and His Father, for that matter — never become angry! In fact, they are never offended! They are totally understanding and accepting of our idiocy, even our blasphemy! After all, you have seen the real Jesus in velvet art, pop culture, and in the rudifacient “children’s homilies” at Mass by Deacon Dick:

“See Jesus come. See Jesus hug the Pharisees. See Jesus affirming the Sadducees. See Jesus smile. See Jesus apologize for inconveniencing and upsetting the Roman soldiers.  Oh … that Cross- thing? He is unhappy because we have not hugged each other enough today.”

I hate to break it you and to offend your feminized sensitivities — and proclivities — but Jesus was a man. Not Mr. Rogers, not Mrs. Doubtfire, and definitely not a wimp. He was beaten, scourged, mocked, crowned with thorns, and crucified — that is not the stuff of wimps. Or delicate men.

And, yes — He occasionally became angry!

It is recorded in and testified to in all four Gospels-that-are-not-textbooks-on-logic.

We believe it!

NOT because you have arrived at a satisfactory truth-variable through logic — but because God said so — in Holy Scripture. And because it is what the Holy Catholic Church authentically teaches and has taught for 2000 years. Because it makes sense! And because Christ was True God and True Man!

The Bible is not a Truth Table.  It is the Living Word of God. It is Truth, just as Christ is Truth Himself (Saint John 14.6) — and most annoying to some, a truth at which you will never arrive through propositional logic.

Only Faith.

Boston Catholic Journal
I think Our Lord turning over tables and cracking a whip at people in the temple shows pretty well that he got angry.