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Full Version: Need to find somethin
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I'm crossposting this here and in Church Documents, in hopes that someone can help. I am a Third Order Carmelite. I have permission from Rome to follow the Old Rule and Statutes. Many years ago, I bought a copy of the last Manual published before the Conciliar Reforms. I have since lost it. I have also seen on a non-FE Catholic forum the Old Rule posted as pdfs. I thought I had it saved, but I can no longer find it. What I'm hoping is that someone either knows where it can be purchased, knows where those pdfs are, or has a copy that I could pay for copying the sections I need. Anyone?
Summorum Pontificem says that you can pray the Divine Office according to the pre conciliar reforms if you can get another person to pray it with you.
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I have both a Roman Breviary and a Carmelite Little Office, what I want is the Manual containing the Rule.