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Full Version: Pope Goes Gaga For Super Bowl (The Remnant)
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Her show was actually tame by her standards, I actually expected much worse. Even still, people are saying that there were random Illuminati/satanic symbolism within the show.
She was raised Catholic.  I'm not sure what happened to lead some of these celebrities into such rebellion.  It can't be because they are angry at the Church, because there are plenty of priests and bishops who share their views even now.  I heard once that people often sell their souls to Satan in exchange for power and influence.  For those who aren't catechized, this could be very tempting.  It may start out simply as a silly game with friends, until they discover that it's real.  Once they discover that Satanism is real, and that it can be used to achieve power, wealth, esteem, and influence, people who have a disordered attachment to those things easily fall into the traps that are set for them.
Absolutely. I think if we knew the extent of Satanic influence in politics, music, acting, business, heck even sports we'd all be shocked.