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Full Version: New FE pages on the Zodiac
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I hope you like this new sub-section on the Zodiac:
You've been hard at work! :) I appreciate that you show the Catholic view to counteract all this New Age nonsense involving the Zodiac.

I also appreciate that you posted videos debunking Sylvia Browne. Unfortunately, Theresa Caputo ("Long Island Medium") has taken her place in recent years.
I, too, appreciate this initiative, even if I haven't been able to take it all in yet, including the videos.

The point about determinism and freedom is a crucial one, I think. Another important distinction can be made in terms of temperament and divination. The present catechism of the Catholic Church condemns the latter - but not the former.

I did a lot with Astrology in my New Age youth and those who know my book The Gentle Traditionalist may recall that I poke some fun at nutty New Age determinism.

But at the same time, I would be lying if I did not admit that I believe real insights into temperament can be gained here. The medievals were not stupid - they understood things like this better than our own "Enlightened" Age.

Even if one just looks at the four elements here - Fire, Air, Earth and Water - and ignores completely the Zodiac signs, planets etc there is wisdom  to be gained, if one can avoid becoming deterministic, which is what, as Vox says, the Church has been so rightly concerned about.

More to say when I've properly taken it all in ...
I had not realized there was so much background history to this .. What an amazing
view we all get on earth
Wonderfully written and very informative! Thank you for posting this.  :)
Very fascinating Vox.  Thanks!

Thanks for the kind feedback, guys! I spent a TON of time on those pages. Took a LOT of research -- whew! I'm glad it's over LOL Hope others out there like it :)
These pages you've put up recently have all been great and insightful. I hope to see more in the near future.
Very cool, Vox Clamantis. I have reposted it on FB
(02-19-2017, 10:10 PM)bryanreynolds Wrote: [ -> ]Very cool, Vox Clamantis. I have reposted it on FB

Very cool to see you here, Bryan - as I just said in your intro thread ...
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