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Full Version: Divinum Officium degrading?
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I've just been saying Compline for today on the site. I noticed several glaring errors, including in the Confiteor. All the 'blesseds' have become 'wounded'. Also lots of English creeping into the Latin. Is anyone else noticing problems, and is anyone in contact with those caring for it since Laszlo and Tim died?
Seems fine for me. Be careful if you have the google translate extension on Chrome. I've had it randomly try to translate into a random language and in the process mess with the English. I'm actually not sure how it happened since when I try to play around with it in Chrome now it translates everything. Either way, any sort of extension could mess with the page. Looking at it right now it says blessed for me though.
I've never noticed anything like that. It seems fine to me other than the occasional hiccup.
If what I remember is correct whoever took over after the passing of Tim and Laszlo was most interested in the 1962 version. At any rate DivinumOfficium is still a decent site for those just getting into the Breviary.

I'll say it again, is good too, although it's an older version than 1962 and it's run by sedevacantists. It's still a very beautiful online Breviary, and a labor of love. The 2.50 a month to use it is worth it. I used to pray that version . It's still got old octaves and much of what 1962 lacks.
It's seems to have been a temporary glitch. After a few days using my Carmelite Rite LOBVM, I went back to Divinum Officium and there don't seem to be any problems.
I always use the Divinu Affaltu version. I'm not too crazy about the 1962 version. I'll use it if I'm in a rush.
So last night I was praying compline on my phone and I got the same issue as this thread! Blessed became wounded! What was happening was that Google Translate was trying to translate the page from French into English for some weird reason. Funny enough, bless├ęs in French means wounded. It really messed everything up. Once I disabled that, it fixed the problem.