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Full Version: Unsex me here!
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I know many people who have been voluntarily sterilized ( some of them close relatives) and I am wondering what does the Church expect of someone who freely opted to be sterile.  If they convert will they have to have that undone? Can it be undone?
It can sometimes be undone, but especially with women it's actually risky because the risk of etopic pregnancy is very high with ligation reversal, something that is always fatal to the baby and sometimes fatal to mom. IDK about men, I imagine the risks of reversal are quite low but the cost is very high compared to the initial surgery, so it's cost-prohibitive in come cases.

The current practice within the Church seems to be that if you regret your surgery, are contrite and go to confession, all seems to be forgiven. I don't know if that only applies to people who didn't know better (i.e. are coming from outside the Church) or if that also applies to people who *should* have known better.

I have also heard of couples that had surgery that have gone through confession are encouraged to observe natural family planning rules as if they were fertile, in a sense to "negate" the effect of the sterilization and as a act of penance and sacrifice. A woman, as long as she's not menopausal and is otherwise healthy, would continue to cycle and NPF would certainly be possible.
I had a vasectomy done before I took my faith seriously, and didn't know that it was immoral.  Likely the biggest regret of my life, but that's another story.

When I began practicing my faith I looked into this and everything I found said that confessing this sin is sufficient.  Getting a reversal is commendable, but not required.  Since my wife has had a hysterectomy due to medical issues, I didn't get the reversal. But anyway, it seems that contrition & confession are sufficient. Anything beyond that (practicing NFP as if you were fertal, reversal, other) are all good things, but not requirements.

God Bless