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Full Version: Great Compline
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In the Byzantine Rite, Compline takes a special form on certain penitential days and is called Great Compline. It is said on the weeknights of Great Lent; Greeks use the normal Small Compline on Fridays, but the Slavs say Great Compline on Friday as well, with a few minor differences. For those used to Roman Compline, Great Compline can seem like an enormously long service, especially during the first week of Great Lent when the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete is sung. The knees get pretty tired, too, with all the prostrations!

Tonight, Tuesday night in Cheesefare week, is the first time in the Lenten cycle that Great Compline is said. If you'd like to see how it is celebrated in the Byzantine Catholic Church, a PDF is available here. Since the Great Canon is not said until next week, towards the end of the service, a canon to the Theotokos is appointed. There are many dozens of these in existence; there are 56 appointed for Compline alone - 1 for each night of the 8-week cycle. An example of a canon, without music, can be found here.
Thanks for this.  I confess I rarely pray Byzantine Compline because if it's length but maybe I will in light of Great Lent.