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Full Version: San Francisco Priest Starts Full Ad Orientem Worship in Parish
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Deo gratias!

From Church Militant:

"Starting Ash Wednesday, a parish priest in San Francisco is offering all Masses ad orientem — facing the altar.

Father Joseph Illo — pastor at Star of the Sea in Abp. Salvatore Cordileone's archdiocese of San Francisco — told Church Militant the inspiration behind this change in orientation came from Cdl. Robert Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Liturgy. Referencing Cdl. Sarah's talk at the 2016 Sacra Liturgia conference and Cdl. Sarah's book — God or Nothing — Fr. Illo related, "It was Cdl. Sarah's suggestion that we requested permission to implement; but Abp. Cordileone gave his approval." "

More here:
Nice to hear. Although this parish already has a TLM as well. It actually surprises me that more parishes that have TLMs don't do their NO masses Ad Orientem. Although, I'm sure part of it is fear of the bishop.