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Full Version: Catholic university drops Crusaders mascot: ‘troublesome, offensive’
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From The College Fix:

Catholic university drops Crusaders mascot: ‘troublesome, offensive’
Jennifer Kabbany - Fix Editor March 6, 2017

Alvernia University has dropped its “Crusaders” mascot, saying many have found it “troublesome, even offensive.”

Vox Wrote:
Offensive to whom? The Muslims whose ancestors started those wars? See

“Even more important, they view the image as opposed to the peace and harmony of ‘right relationships’ modeled by St. Francis and the spirit of inclusiveness for which Franciscans strive,” officials with the Franciscan-Catholic university in Pennsylvania state on their website.

In a Frequently Asked Questions page, officials reject the notion that the decision is steeped in political correctness.

“It’s a matter of being true to our Franciscan mission and our core values of service, humility, peacemaking, contemplation, and collegiality,” they state. “This change is also a response to the spirit of peace, harmony, and inclusiveness that Franciscans aspire to and that Pope Francis upholds.”

Vox Wrote:
St. Francis supported the Crusades, ya goofs. Prolly 'cause he lived during them, knew who was doing the attacking, and hadn't been brainwashed by hundreds of years of anti-Catholic propaganda.

And as to Pope Francis, it's funny how important the papacy has become to some people, isn't it? The progs are now talking like neo-cons were during JPII and Benedict XVI's pontificates

They add the decision was unanimous among student government leaders, the faculty and alumni councils, the Board of Trustees and President Thomas Flynn. The “Crusaders” will remain through the end of the semester and a new mascot is expected to be announced in June.

Most comments on the university’s Facebook page suggest people are disappointed with the change. Some suggested new nicknames such as bellyachers or Snowflakes.

Vox Wrote:
I suggest: "Muzzies." Or "Protestants." Or maybe "Wussies."
It makes me sad not only that they have such an emasculated and anti-historical view of St. Francis but that they use him to promote a PC, ultimately radical leftist/modernist, agenda and then flat out deny it! When you're not anchored to tradition, then you're blown about by the winds.

"Woe to those who die in mortal sin!" How inclusive is that? Truly "right relationships" means calling out error and sin for what they are. Harmony and peace have been subsumed into Orwellian newspeak to mean just getting along in a pluralistic society where all differences are flattened out by equity and a denial of objective difference. This is fundamentally opposed to, completely irreconcilable with Augustine's "peace is the tranquility of order." Order is objective and just. Maybe Franciscans if they were strong today should be saying, "Woe to those who deny mortal sin for the sake of their political ideology!" It just doesn't have the same ring though...

St. Francis, pray for us.
So they'll go from this
[Image: 1399477226-Ziggy.jpg?1467113248]

to this?
[Image: Hillary-supporter-cries-TW.jpg]