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Full Version: Watching TLM online
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Hi all.  I don't live near a parish that offers the TLM.  The closest one to me is about an hour away and I don't have a car and I have no one who would be willing to loan me their car for the purpose of going to this Mass.  While I will continue to meet Sunday Mass and Holy Day of Obligation requirements by going to my local parish, is there any benefit, even minor ones, of "attending" a TLM being broadcast via the Internet?  I found this FSSP parish offering their Masses online:
It could certainly help you learn to follow what's going on. I attended several traditional Latin Masses before I figured it out.
Thank you.  I hadn't considered that it would be good preparation for attending a TLM in person.  So, my next question is, would there be any spiritual benefit to watching?  Thanks, again.
I can't see why there wouldn't be any kind of good thing to come out of it. You're spending 40+ minutes praying the Mass, even if you're not there it's worth something. I know of people who watch the Mass on EWTN every single day, it obviously is a good thing for their faith. It doesn't replace actually being at a Mass, but it surely is a supplement. If it wasn't, then there wouldn't be so many televised Masses to begin with.

btw, if you want the text of the Mass use this:
(03-20-2017, 11:30 AM)SeekerofChrist Wrote: [ -> ]I found this FSSP parish offering their Masses online:

Thank you for this! Due to my health and transportation problems, I can seldom make it to the TLM. This is a Godsend!