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Full Version: “Little Nellie of Holy God”: The toddler who inspired a pope (Aleteia)
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"Ellen Organ was born on August 24, 1903, in what was known as the “married quarters” of the Royal Infantry Barracks in Waterford, Ireland. Her dad, William, was a soldier in the British army. Shortly after Ellen’s birth she was baptized into the faith at the Church of the Trinity. No one knows why, but from that point on Ellen Organ was called “Nellie.”

By the age of 2, Nellie displayed a pronounced spirituality rarely seen in a child, especially one so young. While walking to Mass holding her dad’s hand she would constantly talk about seeing “Holy God.” This was something she began saying without apparently having heard such an expression. Even her dad admitted years later he had no idea why his daughter began saying “Holy God.”"

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