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Full Version: Sources for pictures of saints for printing
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Hi, does anyone have any links to sites with images of Our Lord, Our Lady and the saints for printing? I'd prefer something that is free use as I'm not sure if it's wrong to print copyrighted images and put them in my home shrine.
I just use google the saint I am looking for, then click on the "image" option and then select tools - size - and then sort by largest to smallest. I usually find what I'm looking for.
If you use anything 19th century or older, it can't possibly fall under copyright.
I'd use ArtSTOR from an IP address with an institutional subscription (such as many public libraries and educational institutions) and either save images from the ArtSTOR interface or take a screen capture (this works best if you increase the desktop resolution first). Their database is huge and includes many fine and lesser-known pieces of art. Printing for personal use should fall within your rights.

If you are interested in manuscript illuminations and illustrations from printed books, there are many other options. If you are looking for anything specific, let me know and I will try digging for you.
With more recent art, you can contact people in direct connection to the art and obtain permission. For example, I very recently emailed someone from the Rhoda Wise House in Ohio, making sure it was okay for me to have a printed out and framed image of Our Lord as He appeared to Rhoda. They said I was welcome to it as long as I didn't copy or reproduce it.

So if you see a pretty piece of art and you know it has a connection to someone you can email, that wouldn't hurt. Then you'd get a concrete answer one way or another.