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Full Version: Vox has SERIOUS trouble - please help.
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How wonderful ... thank you all!!

But especially Dahveed, even though I am so computer illiterate that I hardly understand the specifics you posted!  :)

Now, the only problem is, I have _no idea_ how to reach her as she is locked out of email and communicated with me only by a very circuitous route.

If anyone knows how to reach her and tell her about this thread, please, please do - it will really lift her, I know. (For I know there are other problems as well, beyond the computer death.) Otherwise, maybe tomorrow when I'm rested better I can figure  out how to reach her.

Tired now - but wanted to really express my gratitude to you all.
I have contact information for her, I believe.  She and I were conversing via email the other day, so I'll see if she doesn't reply to that, and then try other methods. :)
I also let DivineSilence80 know about this thread and asked him to contact her if he can.  Hope that's OK.

I was already a 'Red Fish' Fishy and have been a member of the forums for many years. I made some changes and through Paypal, I was able to increase my monthly donation to the site by 150%. I am on a fixed income, so I'll just have do without a couple of things that were bad for me anyway. I hope the situation improves and quickly.
Is she in the telephone book, Roger (e.g. Yellowpages online)? You could always try that. Perhaps her phone is working.
This family atmosphere (everyone working together, etc.) is one of many reasons why I love this forum.
Sent a little something, hope it helps. Prayers that it works out.
Prayers sent, and the bit of money I could sent.
An “update” of sorts. Yesterday I managed to reach Vox’s home phone and left an answering machine message. So I hope by now she knows about this thread and especially your great kindness, Dahveed.

However, I also asked her to contact me the same way she did before and she hasn't. So I have no idea what's happening and am a bit concerned, for all kinds of reasons.

So I pray for her and am grateful for all your prayers and support.

Also it's great that some of you have said how much FE has meant to you - and I want to encourage others to chip in.

Because whenever Vox does discover this thread, I suspect not only will she elated by your generosity Dahveed - but I think she will also be helped seeing that people care for her and recognise the work she's doing.

And I think she really, really needs that right now.
Prayers and pence on the way!  Vox and you all mean too much.  :asianbow:
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