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Full Version: Vox has SERIOUS trouble - please help.
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(04-24-2017, 12:02 PM)Zedta Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-23-2017, 03:15 AM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: [ -> ]But everyone out there is going through something, too. And what KILLS me is that financial help has come in from people I KNOW, through having talked to them through PMs and such, have NOTHING. Posts like this one from Zedta:

Zedta Wrote:I was already a 'Red Fish' Fishy and have been a member of the forums for many years. I made some changes and through Paypal, I was able to increase my monthly donation to the site by 150%. I am on a fixed income, so I'll just have do without a couple of things that were bad for me anyway. I hope the situation improves and quickly.

--- please, Zedta, God LOVE ya, but don't do this! Maybe you don't need new glasses or a new computer right now, but maybe your cat needs a visit to the vet, or the roof to your porch is caving in, or your water heater is breaking down. Something. Or if those things don't apply now, maybe they will next week. Save some if you can! Have a financial "cushion" if possible! I don't want people to sacrifice to help me. I don't want help from people on fixed incomes, or with decent incomes AND lots of kids, etc.

No worries Vox, old friend. I'm not starving (yet  :grin:) and the amount you'll get certainly won't hurt that much. I just hope it helps you out. I've got a lot out of being a member here and I have no qualms about helping out in return.

I hope you issues are over and you're back in the saddle!!

Zedta, I reckon you're a grown man and know what you're doing, so I'll just say thank you. Big time.

Ya know, I was soooooo blessed to have received a few donations that I consider to be numerically HUGE (TWO $100 donations, one $200 donation! My gosh! Those, right there, were almost enough to get what I needed to replace my computer!), and I am so grateful for them; that money is pretty desperately needed. But very, very seriously, seeing numerically smaller donations from people I KNOW don't have much materially -- it just kills me. I mean in a good way. It's so touching. And humbling.

This bit of fund-raising brought in the aforementioned numerically large donations, but you know what? Almost always it's those who don't have much who come through when I do a fundraiser. Almost ALWAYS. And those "little" donations -- "little" only numerically -- ADD UP. As I've said, if even just a tiny percentage of the thousands of people who are members here and who surf here were to give a "mere" few bucks each month, or even just a single buck each month, FE would be safe barring some huge emergency (like if I were to get cancer or my house were to burn down or something).

Those "little" dollar, two dollar, four dollar monthly subscribtions are absolutely crucial. So while you describe what you're giving in a way that makes it seem like "not much," it means a LOT -- both objectively in that it all adds up and keeps FE and me going materially, and subjectively, because getting subscribers (along with the nice emails I call "love letters" and save to read when I get bummed out about this whole endeavor) lets me know that FE is doing something right and that people care about it, which keeps me inspired and willing to keep going.

So thanks for inspiring me, Zedta :)

Ya know, when all this bad stuff started happening and then my computer broke down, I put a plea for help in the Announcements sub-section of the site. But only TWO people responded. I started to get really, really bummed, thinking that even "the FishEaters thing" is giving me a kick to the head. I was thinking that I was wasting my time, that no one cared, that I should quit, blah blah. And I was feeling angry in addition to feeling really hurt. Then Roger posted this thread, and all this love comes my way. And I realize that I just put the plea in the wrong place, that few people even notice the Announcements sub-forum, that it wasn't that people don't care, but that I just didn't post in the right place. So I feel the need to apologize to you guys, you Fishies. I'm sorry. I doubted you. And I was wrong to. You actually do care, and I'm sooooo glad you do. Please, forgive me.

Sorry for sounding like a drama queen LOL All this stuff will get better (my 'puter situation already is, thanks to you guys!). Just a dropped ice cream cone, right? 

I'm sorry I'm coming back to this thread rather late in the game.  Prayers for you and your family.  :pray2: :pray2: :pray2:

Please don't ever believe that FishEaters isn't important because that's the devil talking.  Your site has done so much for people I know. 

(04-25-2017, 10:48 AM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: [ -> ]So thanks for inspiring me, Zedta :)

:tiphat:  My pleasure and glad I could help!! :mrwinky:
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