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Full Version: Please review my evangelization website
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Last year when I was still a Protestant, I created a website for evangelism and wrote the address on the back of gospel tracts that I used to distribute.

Now that I am a Catholic, I have changed the website so that it will guide people to the Catholic faith. Pleas have a look and tell me what you think about the content (I'm not too concerned about layout etc).
I really like both what it says and the layout!
I like it very much!

If I had to add some constructive criticism, I would just say that one of the things that distinguishes our Church from Protestant communities (and from Islam) is that ours is not a "religion of the book," so instead of a picture of an open Bible, I would suggest something like a picture of Our Lord, maybe a Pantocrator sort of thing, perhaps alongside a Bible and a chalice or something, you know?

I like how you have phrased the text. Please continue this project! I will have my 17 year old read it.
I really like the layout! Very nice!
Thanks. I have changed the picture of the open Bible to Christ the Pantocrator.

I'm also thinking of putting a link to the Catechism lessons from Our Lady of the Rosary Library. I have read through them and found them to be pretty solid.