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Full Version: Catholic tracts for evangelization
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Following on from the post about the evangelization website, I was wondering if anyone had any good links to Catholic gospel tracts. I used to leave these around the place when I was Protestant, and I'd like to have Catholic versions that link to my website. Does anyone have any links to any good tracts? If not, I'll try writing my own.
I don't know about tracts, but you could order free Scapulars, Miraculous Medals, and/or Rosaries and give them out to people. I can provide some links if you're interested.
You might want to try The Catholic Contraversy by Saint Francis de Sales.  The man converted 72,000 Calvanists back to the Catholic Faith.  It isn't tracts per se, but a serious of articles disproving protestantism based on the Holy Scriptures and the Fathers.  I think TAN puts out a publication for $18.00. 

Here is a free online version, though I hate reading off a screen...