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Full Version: Detroit Archdiocese Announces Fr. Solanus Casey’s Beatification(Church Militant)
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"DETROIT ( - Venerable Solanus Casey will be the second U.S.-born man to be called blessed.

The announcement was made at a press conference Thursday at the Solanus Casey Center in Detroit, Michigan. Church Militant spoke with the Capuchin Friars at the center of Casey's cause for canonization, and they explained that the miracle leading to his beatification — which involved the miraculous cure of a woman suffering frome a lifelong genetic skin condition — "stood out" to them. They sent the information to Rome, which approved the miracle.

In a statement issued Thursday by the archdiocese of Detroit, Pope Francis announced that Fr. Casey had "passed the rigorous test assigned to the process of Sainthood, by being elevated from Venerable to Blessed by the Roman Catholic Church."

The woman at the center of the miracle, afflicted with a genetic skin disorder deemed incurable, was praying at the tomb of Fr. Casey for the intentions of others, but also received an inspiration to pray for herself. Upon uttering the prayer, she was instantaneously cured. Casey himself had died of a skin disease.

Archbishop Allen Vigneron described the details of the cure as "scientifically inexplicable." "

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Truly a holy man.

"Let us thank God for the privilege of being made to resemble His Divine Majesty."