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Full Version: A mystic from Poland [not St. Faustina] and her conversations with Jesus
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I specified "not St. Faustina" because that's the first person I thought of.

From Aleteia:

"Local bishop gives permission for publication of Alicja Lenczewska's conversations with Jesus.

Alicja Lenczewska received an unusual gift from Jesus — she spoke with him not in the usual way of prayer, but in mystical conversations. Now, the bishop of Szczecin, Poland, has authorised the publication of the notes from these conversations.

Such an account, and from Poland, might bring to mind the great saint of Divine Mercy, St Faustina. But Lenczewska was born only on Dec. 5, 1934, in Warsaw and died less than 15 years ago.

Raised in suffering

Alicja’s father passed away in 1939 and so, along with her elder brother, Alicja was raised by her mother. When the Nazis invaded Poland and took control of Warsaw, the family moved in with relatives near the city of Rzeszów.

With the War ended in 1946, they moved to Szczecin, where Alicja completed primary and high school. Despite the hard times, her mother ensured the religious upbringing of the children, making sure they always attended Sunday Mass and prayed together daily."

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I really like this quote: “Everything you have and everything you are is my gift of Love.”