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Full Version: Priest Critical of Francis Suspended
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From a German site, translated via Google Translate:

Pope Critical Priest suspended

Does Pope Francis destroy the Catholic Church? In any case, a priest from Palermo claims this - and must now bear the consequences. It is not the first incident of this kind in Italy.
Church | Rome - 27.06.2017

In Palermo, a Catholic pastor was suspended, who publicly denounced Pope Francis and denied his legitimacy. As Italian media reported on Tuesday, the priest's parish council protested against the decision of Palermos Archbishop, Corrado Lorefice.

The pastor, Alessandro Minutella, had repeatedly condemned the Pope over the past few months. In a video published on the Internet, he denounces Francis' "destruction of the Catholic Church" on behalf of Freemasonry and denies its legitimacy. The Catholic daily newspaper "Avvenire" quoted Minutella last week with the statement that the church is currently ruled by a "Progressistische Hohenrat".
Prescribed time-out also in the archbishopric of Pescara-Penne

According to the reports, Palermo's Archbishop also forbade the suspended priest to hold public mass celebrations and sermons. Already at the end of March the diocesan leader Minutella had insistently called for the task of his office.
It is already the second incident of this kind in Italy. In April, the Archbishop of Pescara-Penne, Tommaso Valentinett, had ordered a time-out for one of his priests because he had described the pope as "bad" for the Church. In his Palm Sunday speech, the clergyman is said to be critical of the Pope's dialogue with other religions and the footwashing of a Muslim prison woman four years ago. Unlike in the current case in Palermo, however, the congregation did not sit behind their pastor. (Bod / KNA)
Priests have to be careful about what they say. I agree that there are very, very serious problems with Pope Francis, but he or his bishops can interfere significantly in the lives of priests and religious who speak out against them. Priests who feel something needs to be said about what's going on would do well to find a lay person to get their message out.

Francis gives ammunition to the enemies of the Faith, and accuses faithful Catholics of being rigid. He meets with atheists and abortionists, but won't answer his own cardinals (still princes of the Church, despite his statements to the contrary). He has dealt treacherously with faithful bishops, and promoted unfaithful clerics. Anyone who loves the Catholic Faith and who's honest with themselves knows that. One day, he will be regarded lower than the Borgia and Medici popes, but for now we have to wait him out and support our faithful clergy.
Are you surprised?