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Full Version: University of Illinois (UIUC) celebrates EF.
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It's early in the morning where I'm at, suppose to be doing an assignment that's due before midnight today (Friday), but before I dig in for a few hours I'm going to dedicate a couple of minutes to the EF.

The first celebration that I know of at the St. John Newman Center at UIUC was in 2011 (

A second EF was held in 2013

A third was celebrated this year.

From the likes of it it doesn't seem like a yearly event, but it's born upon request if there's enough people. Nonetheless it's very comforting to know that at a major public university there are young Catholics wanting this type of mass. I've heard some good things about UIUC's Newman Center alongside Texas A&M, those two seeming to set the standards for Newman Centers across the nation. It sort of puts universities and colleges that call themselves Catholic to shame - a single Newman Center in the midst of secularism and debauchery holding steadfast.

Note: Sorry about linkage to the paragraphs. I'll be making note of it on the Coders Anonymous thread.